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Me No Fool

I did make every effort to make the most of my hotel room last night, and in fact moved out on the stroke of 11 AM, but I didn't get as much sleep as I really wanted. I didn't expect the roads this Easter Sunday to be as crowded as they were. It took a lot longer to get to Sacramento than I expected. It's probably a good thing traffic was slow, because I had at least one case of feeling woozy at the wheel, which is Very Bad.

I had a very brief visit with my sister (with me masked because I really don't know if I'm infectious or not, and I can't take the chance with her -- while I was on the road, she got to pay another visit to the ICU because she stopped breathing again). Then I evaluated my options. While Lisa wanted me home, she explicitly told me to stop if I didn't feel up to driving, and I did not. The Holiday Inn Express Cal Expo/Auburn Blvd, where I've stayed before, had a pretty good rate, and so I decided that discretion was the better part of valor and book a night. Because of my Platinum status (and realistically, because they're lightly loaded), they said I can have a 1 PM check-out tomorrow. I reckon that I can work from 5:30 AM (my normal start time at Day Jobbe) to Noon, then drive home, and either deal with anything urgent that night or make it up over the following four days. As long as the work gets done in a reasonably timely matter, we should be okay. And if it's something so urgent that I can't leave at Noon, I'll check out of the room and work from their Great Room (where the breakfast is served) for a while.

I will be happy to be home, and I expect it will take me a while to recover (by which time I'll be on the road again for a Worldcon 76 meeting in May, I think), but it's more important to be home in one piece.
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