Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Work and Sleep and Not Much Else

As I told my team leader at this morning's team meeting, it's really a good thing that my commute is from my bedroom to the living room, because this week I have mostly been restricted to waking up and showering, working, then going back to bed. The bug is slowly oozing out of me — the sinus infection seems to be fading out, for example — but I'm really looking forward to the weekend ahead, when I don't have a set time to be awake.

Lisa has, fortunately, not picked up what I have. She's fretting about not being able to do anything. I told her that making chicken soup for me was just fine, and to not fret so much. If I could think of anything she could do, I would ask her.
Tags: health, work

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