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Not a Winner This Time

The Wigwam Casino-Restaurant, where I often have breakfast on weekends, has been running a promotion. Win a jackpot of $20 or more and get a ticket for a drawing to win a motor scooter. Using my free-play-with-sufficient-purchase coupons, I happened to hit a $20 jackpot and thus had one entry in the drawing. While that't not very good odds, the odds of winning were zero if you weren't there, so yesterday evening I walked down to the Wigwam for the 8 PM drawing. They didn't draw my name. When I saw the winner, I'm not surprised that he won: he had a small plastic bag just stuffed with tickets. I was boggled by how much he had to gamble to have won all of those $20 tickets. My next thought, looking at the rather frail old gentleman, was, "He's even less likely than me to use this thing." (I'd intended to try and sell the scooter if I won it, rather than go to the effort of buying a helmet and such.) I heard this morning when I went to breakfast that he was going to give the scooter to his daughter, or maybe it was his niece, so it won't go to waste. Ah, well, it didn't cost me anything to get the ticket, and it was good to be able to get out for a walk again.

I'm nearing maybe 80% recovery. There's still gunk in my head, but I don't feel like death warmed over anymore, and I'm not sleeping 12 hours/day, so maybe by next weekend I'll feel normal again.
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