Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Examining the Fire Site

This afternoon after I got off work, Lisa and I drove over to buy groceries, but first we went to look at the site of yesterday's brush fire.

Fernley Fremont St Fire

Most of the area that burned is not easily accessible by public streets, but this is the west end of the fire visible from the junction of Fremont St and Lily Ln. According to what I heard on the radio, the owner of the adjacent land was burning weeds (with a permit) when the wind came up and caused the fire to run away up and down this draw, which is one of the drainage ditches that drains out into Fernley Sink. With yesterday's high winds, it quickly spread, setting a fence and some out-buildings on fire. Fortunately, the North Lyon County Fire Department, with the aid of adjacent districts, was able to control the blaze and prevent major damage. This is a fairly built-up area, and it would have been way too easy for a bunch of homes to be torched as well. According to local news reports, there were no injuries.

I'd say Fernley residents on Fremont Street got very lucky. This could have been a much worse fire than it was, given the dry and windy conditions. If Lisa and I ever undertake to burn weeds, we will only do so (after getting a permit) when it's not windy and with plenty of precautions against runaway fire.
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