Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Officially Listed

Yesterday's Mason Valley News and Leader-Courier (the local newspaper of record in Lyon County) had in the official notices something of great import to me.


Here's the full list of all elections taking place in Lyon County in the primaries this June.

You have to zoom in really close to find the listing that matters the most to me.


This is the official list of the seven candidates (running for two open seats, including one incumbent) for the North Lyon County Fire Protection District, including Muggins here.

I'm still working on a small web site for my campaign. It's not like I can spend a lot of resources on this, after all. There should be some candidate forums in the next few weeks. Tonight, however, I simply need to go to the regular Board meeting. Good thing that I'm (mostly) over that flu, and that I'm (mostly) caught up on sleep, because from looking at the agenda, this looks like it could be a fairly long meeting.
Tags: fire department, north lyon county, politics

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