Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Office Furniture Errand

Just before noon today, I was rolling back and forth on my desk mat in the nice office chair that Lisa bought us a few months ago when there was a loud clunk and the chair partially pitched over. Once of the five casters had shattered. Annoying. I called the store from which we bought it, and they told us that the chair has a lifetime warranty and that if we came in before they closed, we could have a new caster. But they were closing at 4 PM today and if we couldn't make it, we'd have to wait until Monday.

Naturally, that was the signal for some new work to come in on the Day Jobbe, but I managed to get it handled, and Lisa figure out how to get the old caster off the chair. (She loaned me her chair, which was my old office chair, for a while so I could get my paying work done.) We got in to Reno/Sparks and made it to the store by about 3:40, and they gave us the new caster without question. Good service.

We'd originally planned on doing grocery shopping over the weekend, but since we were there we went to some of the stores where we had things we wanted in South Reno. At that point Kuma Bear said, "Bears is Hungries! Takes Bears to Fishes!" and we gave in and went to the Peppermill for their Friday Fish Night.

To be honest, I'm not convinced at the $60 fish meal is good value compared to their Sunday-Thursday pricing, but that's partially because I'm sufficiently used to their selection that I'm a little jaded. Also, if I'd known we were coming there, I probably would have had a much lighter lunch. Even so, I did have plenty of fish and other things. Kuma Bear looked quite croggled as we staggered away from the buffet and headed for home. Although it would have been cost-effective to have done the rest of our grocery shopping tonight, both Lisa and I were too tired to face the slog through WinCo and Raley's. Maybe mid-week next week.
Tags: food, kuma bear, reno, shopping

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