Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

April (Snow) Showers

The phone/DSL line is still in place, not having been ripped down by a passing big rig. This morning, I reported the partially down line to AT&T (this time I didn't get routed to a recording saying they were closed). No telling when they'll come out and tack the line back into place. What to bet that if it was a line where I was trying to give them money, there would have been a human there 24/7 and they would have already charged me?

This morning was pretty cold, although not freezing. It must have been freezing in the Pah-Rah mountains to the west, though.

April (Snow) Showers

Overnight a light dusting of snow fell on the mountains. 50 miles west was heavier, as chain controls were in effect over Donner Summit last night.

My timing was bad here. Just before I snapped this photo, the rabbit that had been nibbling on the new green shoots in front of the Astro got spooked and ran underneath the van.

There wasn't a lot of snow up there, and by lunchtime it was all gone except a few spots around the peaks.
Tags: fernley, weather

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