Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Still Wobbly

I do not quite get why I've been wobbly all weekend, but I was. It was a bit better today, so after breakfast (and winning the cost of my breakfast on my free-play coupon from the Wigwam), I decided to chance bowling. It was difficult. But despite my slight dizziness — or possibly because of it on account of having to concentrate harder to overcome it — I rolled 118+124+161=403, the best three-game run I've ever had, including a run of five consecutive marks in that last game. But it left me dripping with sweat, so I went home (after collecting my mail from the post office), and I once again hope to take it relatively easy today. The most adventurous thing we're likely to do is go buy some groceries.

I know that Lisa and I have some adventures at times, but right now we're both in a state where we need a series of quiet weeks to rest up for the next set of trips.
Tags: bowling, health, lisa
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