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Five Down, Two to Go

Since we have moved to Nevada, we have been making an effort to be "tourists in our backyard" and take advantage of the tourism opportunities in this state. As part of this effort, we have a goal to visit all seven of the Nevada state museums. One thing that helps is that if you become a member of any of the museums — and we are members of the Nevada State Railroad Museum — it includes admission to all of them. We have been to the NSRRM many times, and to the Nevada State Museum Carson City a couple of times. The East Ely Railroad Museum was part of our visit to the Nevada Northern Railroad a couple of years ago (when we spent the night in the railroad bunkhouse), and we stopped by the Nevada Southern Railroad Museum on one of our trips south (alas, the train ride was sold out the day we visited). However, we had as yet not visited the state museum closest to us — until this weekend.

Mini Arch

The Nevada Historical Museum is located on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno. It's relatively small, but interesting. This miniature version of the Reno Arch through which Lisa and Kuma Bear walked guards the entrance to one of the exhibits, which includes lots of artifacts of Nevada history.

I did not take more pictures of the museum. I'm glad we made the visit, and we may come back and look again, particularly because it's nearby and included in our NSRRM membership.

Because we were nearby and hadn't been to downtown Reno for a while, we went there after the museum visit. After parking at Circus Circus, we walked down Virginia Street to the actual Reno Arch, newly repainted and refurbished, before going into the Club Cal-Neva and having a late lunch at their Top Deck restaurant. We broke even on Keno, and then played a little pinball in their arcade. Unfortunately, the machines there are in poor condition. A worn-out pinball machine is no fun at all. Then it was off to take advantage of being in town and pick up some groceries before heading home.

There are a fair number of things to see and do in Nevada that don't involve gambling (although I do like marking a keno ticket over a meal at a casino), and we're glad to learn more about our adopted state the more we live here. The final two state museums are going to be a bit more challenging, because they are in the southern part of the state and not on our usual line of march when we go to events down south. We may need to make a specific trip to Las Vegas to explore down there someday. Alas, IHG has slightly devalued some of their points, so spending the "any hotel in the company" coupons won't work at the Pallazo/Venetian anymore. However, there are other IHG hotels in Las Vegas on which the coupons will work, so it's just going to be a matter of finding the time.
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