Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Being Sociable

While doing my errands in Fremont and Sunnyvale this afternoon, I realized that my schedule put me in a position to offer Linda D. a ride from SJC Airport, so I left her a text message, and when she arrived, she let me know that would be welcome. I was a little slow through traffic, but not too bad, and I collected her and drove us down to the Marriott. After checking in to our respective rooms, we went to the lobby and hung around with the other Worldcon 76 staff who had been arriving this afternoon. Around 5 PM, several of us went to dinner. It was very busy, what with lots of SJ Sharks fans getting ready to watch tonight's game and with Cinco de Mayo in the air. (Tomorrow is forecast to be very difficult to get dinner, as downtown will be packed, but we'll do the best we can.)

Pre-Meeting Social

After dinner, it was off to 3Below Theatre a short distance (2 1/2 blocks, about 350 meters), where our opening night social was happening. Worldcon 76 Chair Kevin Roche gave some opening remarks before encouraging everyone to talk with each other and have a good time. Along with the socializing in the lobby this afternoon, it has been a productive day, as I was able to settle a whole lot of thing in the way that only the high-bandwidth person-to-person meetings permit.

3Below is the former RetroDome's new home, and besides enjoying socializing with so many of my fellow Worldcon runners, I was happy to be able to talk to Scott and Shannon Guggenheim again. They are nice people, and I'm glad they've been able to find a new home for their theatre. Those of us attending the planning meeting were offered the opportunity of attending their latest play tomorrow night, and I'm thinking of taking them up on the offer.

After the social, I went back to the Marriott and finally got unpacked and got my computer online. I wish I'd made a list of videos I wanted to download, because the hotel's wired internet connection is about ten times the speed of my home connection. I'm on the same floor as the "StaffCon" hospitality suite, but I only stayed for a few minutes, because registration for StaffCon (as it's being styled) opens at 9 AM and Linda and I want to go get breakfast, and not at the overpriced hotel restaurant. Besides, as I've been up since 4:45 AM, I need the sleep, no matter how much I enjoy talking with people.
Tags: retrodome, worldcon

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