Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Cover Boy

Doug and Kirsten Berry joined Linda D. and I for breakfast at Peggy Sue's this morning before the opening session of "StaffCon" (the Worldcon 76 planning meeting). On our way back to the Marriott, I stopped and took pictures of two pieces of artwork on display near the Fairmont.

Copper Bear

From a distance, it's some big furry bears. Up close you discover that the furry texture consists of vast numbers of pennies!

Playa Sculpture in San Jose

This beauty sits in the middle of the Plaza de Caesar Chavez.

A few weeks ago Doug and Kirsten wrote about wanting to install a cover for the roof air vent on the Free Trailer Beowulf, their home from home during Burning Man. Lisa, who already has one of these vents on her travel trailer, offered to buy them one, so we did last week. Today, after the walk-through of the San Jose Convention Center during StaffCon, I popped out to my van parked in the convention center garage and brought Doug their gift.

Cover Boy

Doug loves his new vent, and thanks Lisa for her generosity.

And that was just the first half of Saturday.
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