Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Theatre Night

I had the opportunity on Saturday night to, along with David Clark and Linda D., to attend The People in the Picture, a musical being staged at 3Below Theatre (brought to you by the folks who ran the late lamented RetroDome).

Spot the Worldcon

Worldcon 76 has a working relationship with 3Below. As I wrote on Friday night, we held our opening-night-of-StaffCon social at the theatre, and the plan is to hold the SF film festival that is part of the Worldcon at 3Below, which is a short (350 meter) walk from the Marriott. This is a flyer rack in 3Below. Can you spot Worldcon 76's place in their handouts?

As Linda, David, and I were walking over to the 3Below box office to collect our will-call tickets, David asked if we'd need some ID or something and I said that probably wouldn't be necessary. Shannon Guggenheim, part of the ownership team, was working the Box Office. As Shannon put it when I told her the story, "Yeah, it's okay; you're friends with the show's producers" as she issued us our tickets.

It was a wonderful show, which, as Ken Patterson describe accurately, "You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll laugh some more, and you'll cry some more." I was certainly tearing up at the finale, and that's a good thing.

On the way out, I stopped to thank both Scott and Shannon Guggenheim for their hard work, congratulate them on finding a new home for their theatre, and to say that while I'm not in the Bay Area anywhere near as often as I used to be that I'll try if possible to make their future live shows, because I can say truthfully that none of their productions has ever disappointed me and all of them have been fine entertainment.

The People in the Picture has one more weekend to run. If you can make it to San Jose, I heartily recommend that you try to attend this show. It ran on Broadway for a short run a few years ago and as Shannon put it when she introduced the show, after next weekend, it goes back into the vault and who knows when it will come back out again.
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