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Now, Why Didn't I Think of That a Year Ago?

Looking at how the various bits and pieces of L.A.con IV are arranged within the "Space Cadets" theme, it dawned on me today that I should have labeled the Business Meeting as the "Cadet Council" or something like that. And if we'd done that, I would have had a legitimate excuse to preside over the meeting in my WSFS uniform without being disruptive.

I'd considered wearing the uniform, which I'll have with me -- look for me at Opening Ceremonies and during Interaction's Thank-You Party on Friday night -- but was advised to stick to my regular suit for the Business Meeting, lest I imply that the meeting is about me, not about the society. And that makes sense, but if it had been something reinforcing the convention theme, that would have been different. Now it's too late, since we didn't lay the groundwork in the PRs or Pocket Program. Rats!
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