Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Signing In

Conveniently, there is a sign shop just a block away from my house. I took delivery on the first campaign sign for my run for the North Lyon County FPD on Friday.

Kevin for NLCFPD Fire Board

I'm holding this sign nearly in the same spot where the photo on the sign was taken of me. I note, however, that the photo I use on the sign was taken before Lisa repainted the trellis.

For whatever reason, the people organizing local candidate forums ignored the Fire Board candidates. I've seen no campaign information for any of the other six candidates, very likely for the same reason I can't put a lot of resources into it: the job pays nothing at all. It's very much like my other hobbies, particularly SF fandom.

I have one more sign on order, made to fit an existing empty metal frame in front of Hanneman's (now closed) Car Wash. (Their tow/repair/propane service is still open, but the owner told me that revenue wasn't even covering the water connection fees, so they shut it down.) The sign I'm holding above was originally going to go in front of the car wash until Lisa spotted the frame, but it needed a custom size as the frame is 34.5 inches square. In the meantime, I've secured permission from another business to post the above sign on their fence along with all of the other signs from candidates for city council, mayor, and county commissioner (all of which are somewhat higher stakes, and even the least of which pays a few thousand dollars per year).

This afternoon, Lisa and I went over to Lowe's and bought a small sheet of plywood, to which we will mount this foam-core sign lest it blow away in the high winds for which Fernley is prone (including today) before we go attach it to the fence over at the 76 Gas Station & Deli.

As a bonus, I found that the 76 has several cans of the Evil Dill Pickle Pringles that I like but that I can rarely find in stores. I think I'll buy the rest of their stock when I go over there to put up this sign tomorrow.
Tags: north lyon county, politics

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