Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Signing Up

This morning, Lisa mounted the Fire Board sign to the piece of plywood I bought yesterday, and then drilled some holes in it and got out some zip ties for mounting the sign to a fence. After work today, I drove down to the gas station/deli whose owner said I could hang the sign on his fence and got it put up.

Sign Up Time

Here's what it looks like. Bigger would have been better, but inasmuch as the other six candidates for the Fire Board have, as far as I can tell, a total of zero signs up in town, if it catches me any positive attention, that's a win. The three words I want people to remember are FIRE BOARD STANDLEE; the rest is gravy. And I think it's easier to read than some of these other candidates' signs here.

The notice on the City of Fernley electronic sign is ironic, but not intentional. I didn't even notice it until after I posted the photo here.

Tomorrow I get the second sign from the sign shop and put it up at Hanneman's former car wash.

Yesterday afternoon, I went for a drive around Fernley's main roads to see if there were other areas I should be looking to try and post signs. I find that most of the signs are concentrated on Main Street, so that's where I'll focus. I hope this gets my name in front of people properly.
Tags: north lyon county, politics

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