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Signed Up, Signed Out

The second NLCFPD sign was ready for collection at lunch today. I paid for both signs ($80, which brings my total campaign expenditures close to three digits) and Lisa and I walked down Main Street to post it. I felt a bit like a sandwich-board advertiser and I walked down the street, but I made sure that all of the passing motorists could see the sign. Every person who can remember my name helps.

Sign Him Up

This sign was a non-standard size (34.5 x 34.5 inches) because it had to fit into the metal bracket that used to hold the Hanneman Car Wash sign until they decided to shut it down. It's a good thing Lisa was with me because the sign was just slightly too wide, so she got out her Leatherman tool and trimmed a couple of mm off the side so that it (barely) slid into the bracket. It was a tight fit, but that's good; it shouldn't blow out or be easily pulled out.

Note the nice placement near the fire station, and right next to the warning sign for the station. The station itself is on the opposite side of the road in the distance beyond the Family Dollar store.

So one sign came up but another came down. As we drove to the grocery store after work, I saw to my great dismay that all of the signs on or near the small fence near the 76 station, including mine (see here) were gone. Another larger sign on the larger fence to the right was still there. I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that the small fence belongs either to the city or is within the state right of way, and thus all political signs were removed. I'll have to contact the city and the DOT tomorrow about this. According to the material I have, if the DOT removes signs, they take them to the nearest DOT yard, which in this case is just down Main Street. I'd call it walking distance, but the sign mounted on plywood is heavier than I'd prefer to lug it. It's annoying, though, considering that it represents half of my entire public campaign!

On the brighter side, this week's Mason Valley News & Leader-Courier includes the run-down on all of the Fire Board Candidates, including me. For some reason they mixed in one candidate from a different district among the NLCFPD candidates, though.
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