Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Last Chance for Local Groceries

Fernley has two choices for full-service grocery stores: Wal-Mart, where we would prefer not to shop at all, an Scolari's, a family-owned small chain with stores in the Reno area, Fernley, and Tonopah. (The Tonopah location is adjacent to the Tonopah Station Hotel, where our Tonopah Westercon bid was going to be had the voters lost their minds.) Apparently the Scolari owners are winding down to retirement and the next generation isn't interested in continuing the business, so they have sold most of their stores to Raley's, the regional grocery chain based in Northern California.

Last Chance for Scolari's

In a few days, the Fernley Scolari's will close forever. (Their service center and US Postal Service substation are already closed.) A few days after that, they will reopen as a Raley's. When Lisa and I went there today, we snapped this photo by which to remember them. Then we bought a lot more groceries than planned, because many items were on close-out sale prices, probably because they are items that Raley's plans to not carry.

We shopped at Raley's in Sparks regularly because they have some things that Scolari's does not, but we're worried that some of the things Scolari's carried we won't be able to get at all anymore. And also we're concerned that the new store will significantly cut back the Scolari's meat department, which had a good selection, including things like duck, goose, pheasant, and lamb that we haven't seen at any Raley's at which we've shopped.

As well as regular groceries, we stocked up with a few things for a road trip. While we're not going to BayCon, we are going to take a road trip over Memorial Day weekend. For a change, we're not using the road trip as a trip to a convention. Lisa and I have rarely had a vacation trip that didn't have a convention as part of it, but this Memorial Day is one of them. I apologize to anyone expecting to see me at BayCon or some other Memorial Day convention, but this one is for Lisa, Kuma Bear, and me.
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