Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Fire Slog

Tonight's meeting of the North Lyon County Fire Protection District was quite long, due to having to deal with the 2018-19 budget and to hear presentations from insurance carriers that probably should have been told they had a time limit for their presentations. I won't be at the next meeting (June 14) because I'll be in the Bay Area that week.

I learned at the end of the meeting that this primary election coming up June 12 is not the final for this board. The purpose of this election for the two open seats is to cut the field of seven candidates down to a smaller number, but nobody could tell me what that number is. The smaller field will then go on to the general election in November, with the top two being elected.

One of the existing directors (who was going to be term-limited out) has moved out of the district and resigned this week. I will apply for the interim appointment, but having to miss the meeting where they will make the decision next month probably puts me at a disadvantage.

As I was coming out of the meeting, I saw that the rain had come back. I hadn't brought a coat or an umbrella. I turned up my collar and resigned myself to getting soaked. As I walked around the corner of the station, I saw that Lisa had drove the Astro over to collect me. (She had come to the start of the 5 PM workshop, but did not have the stomach for the full death march meeting and had walked home before it started raining.) I was very grateful that Lisa kept me from a drenching.

Tomorrow, work permitting, Lisa and I set out after lunch on a drive across Nevada. Exact plans are still not firm. I may not even write about them until we get home.
Tags: fire, meeting, north lyon county

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