Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

So Long, Scolari's

This afternoon after I got off work, Lisa and I went over to Scolari's grocery store for the last time. At 5 PM today, the store closed for good and the migration team moves in to spend the next few days converting the place into Raley's store 122.

Last Day

It was about 4:45 PM when I took this photo in the check-out line. The woman in pink behind the counter was Claire, who would be retiring in a few minutes. Because Scolari's was sold, not merged, all of their employees, including 20-plus-year veterans like Claire, were told they would have to re-apply and start with Raley's as new hires. Claire elected to retire instead.

Ready to Migrate

The Raley's migration team had their gear staged on this table ready to start the intense, round-the-clock process of turning Scolari's into Raley's in just a few days.

Scolari's: Closed Forever

Sad sign on the Service Center, which closed a few days ago. In the background is a map of how the new store will be laid out, and a schedule of what has to happen when over the next four days.

The End of Scolari's

Sign trucks were staging to begin the process of changing out the old signs for the new ones.

We did not stick around until the bitter end, so we were not the Last Scolari's Customer. As we left, the sign trucks started to take down the first few letters of the old sign.

We hope that Raley's does as good a job serving the community as Scolari's did, and that we'll still be able to get most of the things we were getting at the older store. Raley's is a pretty good grocery store chain. Things could be much worse. Indeed, the store might have closed entirely, giving us the choice of Wal-Mart or driving to Reno for all of our groceries.
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