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Worldcon Prep Continues

I've posted the WSFS Business Schedule over on laconiv, for the benefit of those of you disoriented by the one-day-earlier-than-usual start to Worldcon.

Today at lunchtime, I went out and bought some foam-core on which I was to mount the poster I made acknowledging Interaction's WSFS Business Meeting catering grant.

Note to self: Never print a poster you intend to mount on foam-core before going to the store to find out what sizes of foam-core are available. I'd printed the poster 20 x 36 inches (the printer is a 36-inch roll), but the largest sheets of foam-core available were only 20 x 30. I had to re-do the poster so it only used the upper 30 inches of printable area. Fortunately, this wasn't terribly difficult, and I got the thing mounted without too much difficulty.

The foam-core sheets come in pairs, which means I now have an extra one. I'm thinking of either creating a 30 x 20 inch Match Game SF logo or even trying to come up with something for the game that would serve as the question holders for each round. I asked Lisa (who left Mehama late tonight and will arrive in the Bay Area Friday morning) to toss in a folding portable easel that is part of our convention gear just in case I manage to do this.

I managed to print up one sheet of for-use-at-con business cards, with the L.A.con IV and WSFS logos on them.

Tomorrow evening's jobs: finish up Match Game, do laundry, and finish packing. Since I leave on Friday afternoon, I don't have this weekend to get my prep finished. I have to be prepared and ready to go on Friday morning when I head to work!

Update, 8/17, 7:20: Fixed cross-reference and deleted post made to wrong journal.
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