Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Selling House

I don't think I mentioned it here, but recently the final hurdle of getting my late grandfather's house into my name (via my mother, who was the direct heir) so that I could sell it on behalf of the family to a willing buyer fell into place. But now comes the next hard part. I know y'all think that every piece of property in California costs a million dollars a square centimeter, but in fact, there are piles of low-value property in California, and this $15,000 lot of land with a derelict house on it is one of them. The value is so low that it's not worthwhile for a real estate agent to draw up the papers. They want to work on things with a minimum value of at least $100K. Anyway, to avoid eating up any more of the property value (we've already spent close to $2K in legal costs as it is), I'm trying to work it all out myself. Today I've been going through do-it-yourself forms and getting things to the point where I could send them to the people buying it (to whom I'm leasing the land at peppercorn rent as they've been trying to clean it up) to have them start going through all of the things they'll be agreeing are wrong with it and that they're buying it with full knowledge. I really do want to sell this to them, so they can really start working on it. I know how they feel.
Tags: challenge, house, real estate

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