Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Odd Sort of Rail Equipment

Because Maintenance-of-Way forces for the Nevada Subdivision of the Union Pacific are based out of Fernley, I sometimes get to see odder pieces of equipment.

Funny Sort of Train

This trencher is used for digging where they put the conduits for the signal lines. It sat in the yard here for a couple of days.

Monday morning, when I went for a short walk, I saw a UP crew securing it on a trailer before taking it to its next assignment.

I do like having this window seat on the railroad. I only wish the house (and lot) was turned 90° so we'd have a better view from the living room windows than we do. OTOH, maybe it's just as well that my only direct view from my work space is a small window; otherwise, I might not get any work done!
Tags: "union pacific", trains
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