Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Very Important Web Site (to me, at least)

Tomorrow is the primary election in Nevada. I confirmed that I should be able to see the results on the Silver State Election site. It only displays the top two candidates, so the only way to see everyone is to expand the details. To my surprise, I'm the only one of the seven candidates who bothered to send a picture to the Secretary of State's office to appear with my results.

During the past week, one more election sign for the Fire Board has appeared, promoting two other candidates. That's about all I've seen. I also filed my second financial disclosure form, but this one was easy because I haven't spent anything since the initial expenditure for the two signs and the plywood on which to mount them, and that was on the first report, so this was just certifying that I'd spent nothing else.

Because of my Day Jobbe schedule, I can't stay up tomorrow night worrying about results. (Indeed, while working down here in the Bay Area, I have to get up even earlier in order to get to the showers available at one of the buildings. I don't use the RV's shower because it's too small and too hard to use, and wouldn't save me that much time anyway.) It will have to wait until I get to work on Wednesday morning to find out whether I survived to make the final four.
Tags: election, fire, north lyon county

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