Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Election Results

The news from the NLCFPD election is bad. I not only did not make the top four in order to make the general election this November, but I finished dead last. There were 4,289 votes cast. I would have needed at least 588 to make it into the general election.

I got 276 (6.4%).

The voters appear to have been in a bad mood. The one incumbent standing for re-election came in sixth. With such a low voter turnout (about 26% overall and much less for down-ticket races like this), a get-out-the-vote drive didn't actually need to score a lot of people. The range of votes among the top four candidates was 876 to 587. Maybe it's just as well I was so far out of the running. The fifth-place candidate had 579 votes and is probably counting nine people he knew in Fernley who didn't even cast a ballot.

I am of course disappointed, particularly when relatively highly placed people originally asked me to run. But there are small town politics at work here, and next year is likely to be interesting, and not necessarily in a good way. Just because I didn't make the cut here does not mean that I won't keep showing up at meetings — which seems to be a bit more than some of the other candidates in this election could be bothered to do. And I certainly hope that the four candidates who made the run-off are able to participate in a candidate forum because I want to hear what they have to say for themselves.

On the bright side, while I still have to keep filing candidate financial statements into next year, they won't be difficult, because logging in and entering a bunch of zeros isn't that hard.
Tags: fire, north lyon county, politics

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