Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Ball Game Pictures

I wasn't that good about taking pictures at the BASFA San Jose Giants game, but here are some of those that I did take.

Harry Potter Night

No question about what Friday night's theme was.

Harry Potter Night

Here's the view from BASFA's VIP box on the third base side of the field. As you can see, we were right on the rail. The box has a bench right on the rail, and then chairs and tables (not enough chairs) farther back. Here you can see the SJ Giants in the field wearing their Harry Potter-themed uniforms, which were up for auction to be collected after the game. (Proceeds to charity.)

Harry Potter Night

Some of us BASFAns were in costume. Here they were trying to get on the Harry Potter dance cam, but the camera operators were looking the other way.

BASFA Baseball Night

Lisa helped make is possible for Doug and Kirsten to go to the game, so I needed a picture for Lisa to know that they made it.

Harry Potter Night

The Giants' mascot, "Gigante," races kids around the bases on brooms here. One kid tripped over third base, so Gigante went back and swept him along. I think it was Ken Patterson who said, "He must be the 'clean-up' hitter."

Baseball Doug

Doug got a baseball, courtesy of the groundskeeper on the cart in the background, who gave Doug the ball that was sitting in the cart.

I had an excellent time at the game, even including the annoying extra hour-plus at the end caused by the dead battery on my RV. I hope we get to do it again next year.
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