Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


Lisa has come down with a toothache. Her dentist can't see her until Tuesday morning (which complicates my Day Jobbe, but we'll cope somehow), but prescribed antibiotics because it's a place they were expecting trouble, and this sounds like an infection that would have to be knocked down before the dentist could work on the trouble anyway. So this morning we went over to Walgreen's and picked up the prescription, with a stop at Big R first to buy a new evaporative "swamp" cooler. It's intended for a window that will have to be replaced before the air conditioner will fit (the current window opens side to side; the AC unit requires and up-and-down window in which to fit), but Lisa seems confident about it and wanted us to buy it before they decided to replace the model with a new fancy all-electronic made-in-China model that requires a smartphone and an internet connection to operate.
Tags: house, lisa

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