Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Brunch With Bear

Aspirin and antibiotics are holding Lisa's toothache at bay, and as she was up as early as I was — I only slept in about 30 minutes later than my usual alarm — she suggested that we go in to the Peppermill and have Saturday brunch (a much better value than Sunday brunch) and do our shopping. So off we went.

Bears Do Brunch

We marked our usual "brunch" keno card (a different set of numbers than we mark when we're there for dinner) and Lisa gave Kuma Bear a little plate of fish, of which there were several types on the buffet, including a salmon Benedict that Lisa liked. I said, "Hey, Kuma, pay attention to the keno numbers! If they come up right, you get to buy our brunch for us!"

Kuma Bear: "Leaves Bears alones! He's eatings fishes and honeys."

After brunch we took a walk around the hotel as we often do. We spotted what looked like a site visit and said so. The person from the hotel agreed that what was happening. I mentioned the Worldcon back in 2011 and she said she remembered it. Lisa and I keep thinking that a Westercon could be made to fit into the grand ballroom at the Peppermill, but Down That Path Lies Madness.

We then took care of some shopping errands. Lisa was looking for a particular woodworking tool, so we went to a woodworking shop in South Reno, where we found it right away (and US made, too; it looks like a lot of these tools are niche market, small volume, and thus don't make the necessary volume to make by the millions in China). There's a Winco nearby, albeit not the one we usually frequent in Sparks, so we did our large shopping as well.

One of the things about Raley's opening in Fernley was supposed to be that we wouldn't need to do as much running around Reno. Unfortunately, something we expected to appear at Fernley Raley's hasn't shown up yet, and something Lisa used to get at Winco is now discontinued there. However, we did find that ex-Winco item is stocked at a SaveMart on Kitzke Lane, so we now have yet another grocery store to visit when we do the rounds in Reno. Also on our travels, we found that the fancy meat market in Reno, Butcher Boy, has not actually closed the way we thought when we saw that their former home was up for least, but has instead moved to a place not too far from the Peppermill. Now we have yet another shop in Reno we'll have to frequent.

There were other things we might have done after that, but by then the brunch was making both of us sleepy, so we headed home and took shelter in the air conditioning. Besides, I had a lot of Worldcon e-mail to answer and deal with today, as we're getting down near the home stretch for Worldcon 76.
Tags: fish, food, kuma bear, lisa, reno, shopping

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