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No Time

I'm a bit slammed at work (I've logged 39 hours in four days) so haven't as much time as usual for other things. On top of that, I still need to find time to do the WSFS division management for Worldcon (which will just get busier) not to mention monitoring social media. Today, for example, we got a Hugo finalist contacting wanting to know logistics for the ceremony. I forwarded that on to the appropriate address at Worldcon 76. Now while I'm much closer to the current Worldcon than I am for most Worldcons, I have to treat these pass-alongs the same. When I'm answering as, I'm not answering quite the same way that Worldcon 76 would do so. That's why, if you happen to follow the @TheHugoAwards Twitter feed, the replies may sound odd when you realize that the person typing them (me) is also the WSFS division manager for the current Worldcon.
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