Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

There and Back Again

We left San Jose about 8 AM this morning, after a stay of around 12 hours. We had more stops along the way, including a hardware store, breakfast in Tracy, shopping at the Cost Plus World Market outlet store in Stockton (where we finally found more of the candy bars my nursing-facility-bound sister likes), gas stop at Lodi Jct., electronics shopping at Fry's Sacramento (no equivalent store in the Reno area), a visit with my sister to give her the candy bars among other things, a rest stop at Nyack, and a driver change just out of Sparks. (Lisa drove nearly the entire trip but started to fade at Reno, so I got us home.) We arrived back at Fernley House about 6 PM. Yes, the actual 300-mile drive might be doable in the under-five-hours some of you suggest, but I never make that trip unless I'm doing a bunch of intermediate errands, and that's why it takes so long.

Today it's a bunch of Westercon business that has come up in the past couple of days that kept me from writing up the hotel trip report. Westercon starts in just a few days (I fly to Denver on Wednesday). Business Meeting junkies: it looks like we have some actual business to debate this year. Sharpen up your copies of Robert's Rules. I'll try to get an agenda published on as soon as we get it pinned down from the people making the proposals. Unlike Worldcon, there's no advance-notice deadline or a copy-distribution requirement for Westercon. But there hasn't been much in the way of substantive business for the meeting since the site selection marathon of 2011, and most of the past few years' meeting have been on the order of ten minutes long at most. I don't think we'll break that record this year.
Tags: travel, westercon

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