Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

One More Day to Westercon

Day Jobbe continues to be frantic. I have one more work day (tomorrow) and then I have the Independence Day holiday and the following two days off plus the weekend. I fly to Denver on Wednesday afternoon and fly home late Sunday. (The awful part of this will be getting only about three hours sleep before going back to work on Monday, but I'm captive to the relative paucity of direct DEN-RNO flights and wanting to be at Westercon as long as I can on the final day.)

Westercon, for the first time in several years, will have more than just pro forma business of Site Selection announcements this year. Four substantive proposals have been submitted to this year's meeting. Before you ask what they are, what the wording is, and when/where the Business Meeting is, please go read the linked piece (and the links from it) first, because that will answer your questions.

Three of the proposals are relatively minor proposals to more closely define certain terms in the Westercon Bylaws that I think most of us have simply taken for granted, but that turned out to be a surprise this year. The fourth proposal is way more substantial. It changes Westercon from a Western-North-America convention to being, in effect, "Anywhere NASFiC can happen, Westercon can happen, too."

Don't ask me to explain the motivations and intents of these proposals. Go read them — the makers' statements are in the proposals. I am not the proponent of any of the proposals. (I helped them get their proposals drafted into the proper technical form and assisted with the wording to convert statements of intent into technical parliamentary language, as I will do with most people who ask for the help.) I'm the Chair of the meeting. I'm officially neutral.

I suspect that we will use more than the initial 1-hour session, which is why I'm glad that there is an overflow session scheduled. Oddly, it's scheduled for the same day, which I don't recall ever doing before, but it will work.

One significant challenge here: Lisa isn't coming to Westercon this year, and while she's sending the small camera and small tripod with me, I can't easily monitor the camera and record the meeting. I hope someone at Westercon will be able to help with at least watching the camera to make sure it hasn't decided to shut itself off. Also, we'll have to take a recess every 30 minutes to change recording cartridges.

Meanwhile: I still haven't had time to label the photos I took of the San José Hilton and environs. Labeling and cataloging photos is time consuming. I hope maybe tomorrow, but I'm not promising anything. Lisa and I have to run in to Reno for shopping after work tomorrow, so my time is hugely constrained until after Westercon.
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