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Match Game: Almost Done

As I mentioned recently, I have a spare sheet of foam core after making the thank-you sign for Interaction at the Business Meeting. This gave me the idea that I could make a display board/question holder for Match Game With a little experimentation I came up with a board that, while not exactly reproducing the original show, should look pretty good, I think. I'd post an image of it here, but for some reason the PowerPoint file's save-to-GIF doesn't produce a very good image here.

The board is 30 inches high by 20 wide, and has the Match Game SF logo at the top, followed by slots to hold the A and B questions for rounds 1, 2, and Tie. The slots are what I call "corner-cuts" -- 1 1/2 inch triangular sections cut so the question cards will fit into the slots. Below these three sets of two 5 x 8 slots are two smaller slots. These are for the Sudden Death tie-breaker question (with a little skull-and-crossbones) and the Bonus Round question (with a little trophy). For these two types of questions, I fold the cards in half, so the cards are 4 x 5.

We'll set this stand up on the portable easel, and we should be good to go. The only complexity is that I'll need to reload the board between games. If we had two of them, (I have neither foam-core nor time), someone could be loading the questions for the next game while I was doing a game. Indeed, if I had four of them, I could load all four games before the show. However, I think we'll manage.

This does require me to reprint all of the question cards, however, even the ones I'm recycling from the last show, because with the board in place, the cards from Conzilla, which also had the round number printed on their backs, are too busy looking. I'm putting off actually printing the Match Game questions as long as I can so that people can send more questions to me; however, I'll have to get this done before I leave tomorrow after lunch. This evening, I printed 25 card backs with A or B. I need a total of 48 questions (8 games * 3 rounds possible per game * 2 questions per round).

I also put together what sponsor promotional information (commercials; not every sponsor has written an ad) and prize package data I have with me into the 12 packages needed. We'll only give away eight at most, but we need 12 on account of there being six contestants at the start of each show from which to choose. Since the contestant also has to make the match with that panelist, there's a good chance we won't give away many of the sponsor prizes.

Then I fixed the opening title sequences for the two shows, and sent an e-mail to the seven panelists (Lynn Gold and Chris Garcia will be each announcing one game) giving them the current state of play.

Now I still need to write items for the Newsletter and put them onto a thumb drive so that I can transfer them to the L.A.con IV newsletter when I get to Anaheim. With the "after dark" version shown in the Pocket Program at the originally-scheduled Thursday Night time, it's especially important to me to get the stories into the newsletter.

And I have to do the laundry. And finish packing. And I haven't left the office yet. Oy.
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