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Westercon 71 Day 4: Passing the Gavel

Today was the final day of Westercon 71. I had a panel on Convention Horror Stories in the afternoon, but I let Fan Guest of Honor Kent Bloom tell most of the stories. Most of the day I spent at the San Jose table.

Westercon 71 Closing Ceremony

At 4 PM it was time for the Closing Ceremonies. Master of Ceremonies David Gerrold called up all of the Guests of Honor to say a few words.

This is the End

Chair Nikki Ebright thanked everyone, and then, faster than I could photograph it because my phone decided to turn itself off, officially declared the convention over, called up Westercon 72 Kate Hatcher and presented Kate with the official Gavel of Westercon.

The Gavel is Yours, Madame

Here Kate shows off the gavel shortly after the ceremony ended.

After closing ceremonies, I went up to my hotel room and packed. David Clark and John Hertz, with whom I've been sharing a room, are staying over tonight, so I had this luxury. I then came back downstairs and chatted with people until it was time to head for the airport.

R Line to Peoria

I had it explained to me that the route we took from the airport was going round-the-houses, and there was a more direct route, so I tried it today. I took the hotel courtesy car over to the light rail station, and I'm sure glad I didn't walk, because a heavy thunderstorm moved in just as we were heading over there. Even just the short distance from the curb to the light rail platform left me soaked.

Luckily, the R Line train to Peoria arrived quickly, and the rain cleared before we got to the end of the line.

Denver A Train

The transfer at Peoria to the A train heavy commuter rail is very easy, as the platforms are adjacent.


In less than 90 minutes, I arrived at Denver International. I was here more than two hours before scheduled departure, and traffic at Terrorization was relatively light, so I had plenty of time to grab dinner without rushing.

After getting dinner, I tried to walk it off by taking a complete loop of the United Concourse B, which is a lot of gates. I reckon I walked at least 3 km, maybe more.

In retrospect, I wish I'd remembered that I had a couple of free passes to the United Club. Unfortunately, I forgot about them, and nowadays you have to pre-load them to a mobile device, rather than just use a paper coupon.

Out at the gate, they've informed us that due to lack of a rested crew, we're delayed for at least 40 minutes and possibly more. That just what I need when I have to be at work Monday morning at 5:30 AM.

Child of Faerie

Just because it was the last day of the convention doesn't mean people weren't in costume. This little girl was the counterpart to the woman I photographed yesterday across from San Jose's table.

Captain America at Westercon

I'm surprised I hadn't seen Cap here earlier, but got the photo just as she was heading for the parking garage with her friends.

There were others as well, but wasn't that quick on the draw, and also the phone's battery is on the verge of dying on me, so a couple of times I wanted to take a photo, I couldn't.

I had a good time at Westercon. Probably not as good as I expect to have next year in Layton, but a good time nonetheless.

Now to settle in and see if United manages to get me home tonight, or at least sometime before tomorrow morning. The last I saw on the seat plan, the center seat next to me hasn't filled, so maybe I can sleep on the flight.
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