Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Zombie Time

With the delay at Denver caused by United not having a rested crew and having to call around until they found a pilot on his day off willing to work our flight, I didn't get to Reno until after 1 AM. Lisa collected me and drove me home, for which I'm grateful on account of I was in no condition to drive. I think I got about two hours of sleep before having to get up and start my work day. To say I was not at my best is an understatement. However, I did manage to get the time-sensitive stuff done, after which my co-workers/manager said I could go get some sleep, which I did, about five hours of it before getting back up and doing some reports that were due "by end of business Monday" instead of "first thing Monday." I could easily have slept longer, but that would have really scrambled my sleep schedule, and I need to reset.

One amusing story: As I was boarding, people were complaining to the flight attendant about the delay. He explained the situation with crews and said that it was a good thing that Denver was a crew base, or it would have been even more difficult to find a pilot willing and able to work on his day off. I said, "I'm very grateful; otherwise we would have been here all night! You have to have a pilot to fly the plane, after all."

Later in the flight, after finally breaking out of a bunch of turbulence, the flight attendants did the in-flight F&B service. When they finished that, the attendant with whom I was talking earlier came back and handed me one of the standard snack boxes, which you normally have to purchase. (I bought one on the way out from Reno.) He said, "That's your reward for knowing that planes don't fly without a pilot." He didn't say, but presumably he'd encountered passengers who didn't understand that.
Tags: sleep, travel

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