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Business Meeting & Site Selection Schedules at Worldcon 76

For those of you trying to arrange your schedule for Worldcon 76 around the WSFS Business Meeting and Site Selection (as I am rather forced to do by the nature of running the WSFS division), here's the current state of our plans. For those of you who are veterans of the process, this may all sound boring, repetitive, and obvious, but based on the questions I've fielded, there are members — including people interested in WSFS Business — who do not know this stuff.

Remember that Worldcon 76 starts on Thursday, August 16 and ends on Monday, August 20, 2018. Again, this is a THURSDAY - MONDAY convention even though the last day of the convention does not fall on a local holiday.

Business Meeting


Meetings are scheduled to start at 10 AM on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and (if necessary) Monday. The current schedule calls for them to be in Convention Center Room 230ABC, which is on the main convention level at the west ("Hilton") end of the convention center. This room is somewhat larger than we would expect to need, but it's not being used for larger program items in the morning and it has the necessary tech setup that we want to use. If you have any expectation of participating in debate, we ask that you not lurk in the back half of the room.

Friday is the Preliminary Business Meeting. Saturday is the First Main Meeting. Sunday is the Second Main Meeting and Site Selection Meeting; Site Selection business (2019 NASFiC and 2020 Worldcon) comes first before continuing with any uncompleted business from earlier in the convention). Monday is the Third Main Meeting, which will be used only if we are unable to complete all business by the end of the Sunday meeting.

Each day's meeting except Sunday is scheduled to end by 12:45 (the next item is at 1 PM) except the "overflow" meeting, if necessary, on Monday.

Sunday's meeting is scheduled to end by 12:15, because the Worldcon Chairs Photo/Video Opportunity is scheduled for this room at 12:30. If you are a former (or future) Worldcon chair or want to get a picture of the traditional gathering, please be there at 12:30. We only have a short time to do this and then clear the room for the next item at 1 PM.

We plan to record all meetings, and the recordings will be posted to YouTube as soon as our bandwidth allows. This may mean that some of the meeting will be online before that day's meeting is over, as we did at Spokane and Kansas City. If you are at the meeting, your voice and image may appear in these recordings and thus on YouTube. Any other member is also entitled to make recordings, under the provisions of the WSFS Standing Rules.

Due to catering costs, we do not expect to have coffee/tea services on all days. Subject to a possible sponsorship (not confirmed, don't stake your caffeinated life on it), we may have coffee/tea on one day (probably Saturday because it's the busiest day). Note that there are businesses selling coffee at both the Hilton end (Peet's, inside the convention center) and Marriott end (Corner Market, inside the hotel) of the convention center.

Site Selection

The 2020 Worldcon and 2019 NASFiC Site Selection desks will be in the Exhibit Hall. Site Selection is scheduled to be open at these times:

Thursday Noon - 7 PM
Friday 1 PM - 7 PM
Saturday 1 PM - 6 PM

Note that Site Selection will be open an "extra hour" on Thursday and Friday to allow dealers and others working on areas that generally close at 6 PM to have time to cast their ballots.

VOTING ENDS AT 6 PM SATURDAY. There is no further voting on subsequent days of the convention.

The results of Site Selection voting will be announced at the start of the WSFS Business Meeting on Sunday.

Nothing here is confidential. Most of this material will appear in the Worldcon 76 Pocket Program and/or the web site. Feel free to share this information with anyone you think will be interested in it.
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