Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

One Vote Short

As I've said, I did not make it to the general election for the North Lyon County Fire Protection District board of directors; however, due to a couple of resignations for various reasons, two of the five seats on the Board had gone vacant. One was for the rest of 2018 (it's one of those to be filled by the election this November) and the other is through the end of 2020. I went ahead and applied for the appointment. At last night's Board meeting, the three remaining directors discussed the seven applicants (including me) for the seats. When it came to filling the longer-term seat, the current Board chair voted for me; however, one of the others had already dismissed my application because I'd placed last in the primary, and the remaining director sided with him, so a different applicant was selected.

I did go thank the director who voted for me for his confidence in me. And one of the other people who unsuccessfully ran for the seats this time around encouraged me to stay involved and keep coming to the meetings. So I'm less discouraged than I was the day after the primary election. Next time around, three seats will be up for election, and I might not be as distracted by working at a high level on a Worldcon then, either.
Tags: north lyon county, politics

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