Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Lisa in the Chair

This afternoon I took Lisa in to the sedation dentist in Reno who did the second and we hope final round of major dental work. (The first batch was last year.) It's challenging to do dental work on Lisa, but with the sedation dentistry (they don't completely sedate you, but put you into a state where it's easier for them to work on you) they were able to complete the crown and two smaller fillings. Thank goodness for my Healthcare Savings Account, which is pre-tax money set aside to pay for what's not covered by insurance. My annual dental insurance coverage for restorative services is a maximum of $1000 per person, and I owed an additional $1800 on top of that, but since I've been setting aside the maximum amount allowed since they made the HSA a "you keep it forever" instead of "use it the year you pay it or lose it," I was able to simply put up my HSA card and take care of it.

After the appointment, Lisa felt good enough for us to make a grocery stop, and we had to also stop and put a little bit of gas in the minivan because I forgot to refuel after the trip to Yuba City. After that, I took us home and poured Lisa into bed, where I'm sure it will be easy for her to sleep tonight.
Tags: dental, lisa

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