Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Missions Partially Accomplished

With Lisa spending the day dead for tax purposes off her feet due to the residual effects of yesterday's extensive dental work, I went in to Reno right after work to deal with some errands that needed to be done earlier in the day than some. In particular, the Astro was overdue for an oil change. I would have also had them do an air conditioning recharge, but their machine was out of order.

I had a number of other shopping errands to do, but to my annoyance, the most time-constrained one (requires an in-person visit to the one Chase branch in Reno during banking hours) was the one I couldn't do, because I'd left the documents sitting on my desk at home. It's not urgent, but it's something that I can only do at certain times, and tomorrow is not one of those times because I have an SFSFC board meeting tomorrow morning. However, there were a bunch of other small errands that I've been putting off that I was able to get done, so it was still a productive evening.

We've had massive smoke and haze today from a fire near Yosemite, but late in the afternoon winds kicked in and it even rained a little bit, which did quite a bit to clear a lot of the smoke away. It was also a fair bit cooler today, with was a great relief.

When I got home, Lisa was up and about again, there was still some twilight left, and it was relatively cool, so we got some yard work done that we'd been postponing. The trees on the property here grow surprisingly quickly, and while that's good when they're shading the house and trailer, it's not so good when they start getting so aggressive that you can't get by on the sidewalk! However, 30 minutes or so with the shears trimmed things back down to size. As I said to Lisa, it's not like a jungle where we'd have to do this daily instead of just a few times a year.
Tags: house, lisa, reno, shopping

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