Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Meeting Day

Despite having no alarm set, I once again woke up a few minutes before my alarm clock would have gone off on a weekday. But that gave me lots of time to deal with mail and messages without the normal sort of weekday-morning pressure.

Lisa was up and about for a change and elected to join me at the Wigwam for breakfast. They must have seen Kuma Bear coming, because they brought him a container of honey. (It might have been for the sake of Lisa's tea, but we're telling Bear that it's because he's a Good Bear.)

I used one of my free-play coupons, and luck was with me today, as I ended up winning $28, which paid for breakfast and a bit more besides. Kuma Bear was quick to take credit for the win.

Today was the last regularly-scheduled SFSFC Board of Directors meeting before Worldcon 76. The SFSFC board does not, as a rule, get too deeply involved in the management of its individual convention committees, and in fact besides Worldcon 76, we have several other standing committees we manage. Mostly the Board takes financial statements and progress reports from the individual committees. At the moment, most of the focus is on Worldcon 76, but we also are hosting this year's SMOFCon, and (in a new development since our last meeting), we'll also be hosting the 2021 CostumeCon.

After the meeting was done, Lisa and I went over to Fallon and Big R to get some things that are stocked there but not at the smaller location in Fernley. We then checked out a couple of stores in Fallon to see if they stock some things we want that we can't get in Fernley. (In general, the answer to this is no.)

As we returned to Fernley, menacing clouds loomed over Fernley, and indeed, as we neared the city, it looks a bit like there was a major fire; however, that turned out to be big clouds of dust being kicked up by the storm. It started raining just as we got home, but it did not last long, despite there being flood watches posted locally. It hardly even settled the dust, although it did cool things down a little bit.

The air conditioning on the Astro definitely needs recharging. I thought about going in to Reno tomorrow morning to get it done; unfortunately, the Jiffy Lube location with a working AC recharge machine is closed on Sunday. I'll try to get it done this coming week. Although we don't have another long road trip this year planned (Worldcon doesn't quite count, being only 300 miles), I want a working AC on that van.
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