Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Pace Increasing

Although I did get a relatively quiet morning, breakfast at the Wigwam, and went to bowl a few games, the rest of the day was busy. There were items to follow up from yesterday's SFSFC meeting and quite a few pieces of Worldcon business to do, some of it quite urgent as we move down the home stretch to Worldcon 76. ("Hey folks, here's a large document that I need you all to look over today and respond immediately because it goes to press tomorrow" or things of that nature.) Also, this afternoon Lisa and I went to Reno to get some of the grocery shopping that we'd been putting off done. There was a bad accident on I-80 eastbound before Exit 43 (Wadsworth), which is a rotten spot because there's no way around it, but we were going the other way. By the time we came home several hours later, the road was clear, but we could see the remnants of the rolled pickup truck and the smashed-up "toy hauler" trailer it had been towing stacked up on two salvage trailers on the frontage road at Wadsworth.

I don't expect things to get much calmer for the next month. I do, however, expect to have an announcement regarding Match Game SF shortly.
Tags: fernley, lisa, reno, shopping, worldcon
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