Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hazy Days

We expected smoke blowing in from the Carr fire near Reading, California, and the Ferguson fire near Yosemite. But starting last night we also got the Perry fire near Pyramid Lake, and that's in my figurative (but fortunately not literal) backyard. The fire is about 40 km (about 25 mi) northwest of Fernley on the other side of the Pah Rah Mountains. At over 5000 hectares (over 12500 acres), it's pumping a whole lot of smoke into the air much closer to me than the other fires.

Hazy Days in Fernley

This photo doesn't really show just how hazy it is, and now some breeze is coming through that sort of moves the smoke away, but is probably not helping the fire fighting efforts at all.

You can smell and taste the smoke more than you can see it. It's in my eyes and throat. We did some work outside earlier today, but have retreated to hear the air conditioning to try and stay out of the sun and get sort-of slightly cleaner air to breathe.

Mind you, compared to the people in Redding and the other places who have lost their lives and homes due to fires, we have it easy here. We just hope nothing breaks out nearby. With the hot wind, everything is tinder dry.
Tags: fernley, fire, weather

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