Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Ash Monday

Yesterday morning when I went out onto the porch, I saw a sprinkling of white over everything.


Fine ash has been falling intermittently. The fire has grown to more than 44,000 acres (almost 18,000 ha).

Red Sun at Morning

Sunrise over Fernley is an orange affair. You'd think the smoke would cut the heat, but it doesn't make much difference, other than diffusing directly sunlight.

Perry Fire Haze

At mid-day today, it was hard to see I-80, which is less than 2 km north of the house, due to the smoke.</a>

The fire is 30-40 km northwest of Fernley, and we're not in any direct danger at this time, but there is the indirect danger from all of the smoke and ash in the air. Lisa and I have taken to wearing dust masks whenever we go outside.

Smokey Bear

Kuma Bear complained about the smoke, too, so Lisa pulled his blanket up to keep the smoke out of his nose. Our dust masks won't fit little bear.

I'm not enthusiastic about pumping yet more pollution into already smokey skies, but we need to take the Astro in to an auto air conditioning specialist to give them a few days to work on it, which means taking two vehicles as there is no public transit of any sort between Reno and Fernley.
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