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I got a call from the auto air conditioning place. It's a good thing I didn't try to just do a simple top-off service. The AC is badly shot, with leaks all over. Some of the parts are hard to get, and at least one is not available at all and they'll have to try rebuilding it. After confirming that we didn't just want to junk the car, I approved the initial estimate of $1400 to repair the air conditioning system. We can pay for it, but ouch. Glad this year's Worldcon trip doesn't include a flight overseas and a bunch of other travel

Speaking of Worldcon, the question now is whether they can get the work done by a week from Friday (August 10) so that we can use it to drive to Worldcon. I told them to spend extra on expedited shipping for the harder-to-find parts. Mind you, as Sparks is a major distribution hub, it's possible that some of the parts they've found in catalogs are actually warehoused just a few miles from their shop. Fingers crossed.

The Astro certainly won't be ready by Friday as we'd hoped. That means that I'll have to drive the Rolling Stone down to Sacramento on Saturday morning. It's my sister's birthday, and there are also some legal papers that she's asked me to draw up for her that need a notary and that have to be signed on or before that date. I've made an appointment for the mobile notary and we drive down on Saturday morning and stay in a hotel nearby, call in to the final pre-con Worldcon division heads meeting that evening, then drive home the next day.

Meanwhile, the smoke has lifted somewhat around here, but there's still high fire danger, and the Perry Fire is still not fully contained. Ash has stopped falling, but we're still wearing face masks when we have to be outside for any length of time.
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