Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Close Shave for the Stone

The RV was overdue for an oil change, but I hadn't taken any action on account of not needing to drive it anywhere. That changed when the Astro went into the shop for the major air conditioning work. (Still no update on whether they'll have it back in our hands by next Friday so we can use it to get to Worldcon. Alternative plans are being worked on, but none of them make us happy.) Anyway, I still need to go see my sister for her birthday tomorrow, and the Rolling Stone is my backup vehicle. So today after work, Lisa and I drove to Sparks to Jiffy Lube. They looked a bit askance at the vehicle and were not sure it would fit. I was sure it had been through Jiffy Lube before, but upon further reflection realized that it was only the location in Newark, which has higher doors and less stuff hanging from the ceiling. The folks in Sparks eased it through the bay, and it cleared with less than 10 cm leeway. Whew!
Tags: rolling stone, rv

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