Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Oddball Local

The BNSF Local job that serves Fernley sometimes leaves their locomotives here in Fernley's little two-track yard. This is also where "Big BN" exchanges cars, and sometimes locomotives. A few days ago we got a couple of units for the local that I've never seen here before.

Lease Units

These two locomotives, according to their reporting marks, belong to First Union Rail Services. First Union leases the locomotives to railroads. By the way, behind them you can see a Union Pacific freight going by on the main line.

I guess BNSF was short of lightweight units for the local job and had to get some loaners while the regular units went in for their periodic inspections, which I reckon have to be done at either Stockton or maybe all the way in Denver.
Tags: trains
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