Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Balancing Act

I've made an appointment to deal with some business related to my grandfather's estate that has been hanging fire for months now. Actually, the estate itself is finally settled and the last part of it, that being the house in Challenge, is in my name, but we're trying to sell the house, and that requires convincing a title company that I have good title to actually sell the house. Fortunately, my mother saved everything, so we should be able to prove the chain of title back to at least 1940. But it requires me to be in Marysville on a weekday. So I'll add another day on the end of my Worldcon "vacation" and instead of driving straight home after the convention (we leave Wednesday morning), we'll spend a night up by Marsyville so I can meet with the title company on Thursday, then drive home. And then go back to work on Friday. Thus my "two week" vacation only uses eight PTO days. I have to preserve those days; next year I have multiple long trips.
Tags: family, worldcon
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