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On The Road Again

Another nice thing about Holiday Inn Express is the free breakfast bar; however, I ate so much at it that I figured I'd better take a walk to cause some of the blood sugar to burn. It wasn't much, but, referring to map in the hotel's fitness center, we set off for about a 2 km walk around the area. It helped a little: 147 blood sugar even after a bagel and one of the cinnamon rolls and bowl of rasin bran.

I also had a fair bit of business to do online, as WSFS committees are still thinking about their reports. The upshot is that we're running a bit late this morning; however, there continues to be plenty of slack in my schedule.

Anyway, once I get the computer shut down, the CPAP put away, and the rest of my stuff packed, we're off again. Anyone following this who needs to contact me before late tonight should call my mobile phone.
Tags: l.a.con iv, worldcon

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