Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Scanners Don't Live in Vain

I have just spend a goodly chunk of this afternoon scanning every title document related to my grandparents' house in Challenge, which documents the chain of title from 1946 to the person who sold it to my grandparents in 1960 (for a nominal $10 if you go by the exact words on the document, although the actual amount appears to have been more like $1500 from the related deed of trust; I think the $10 was a token down payment and the loan was underwritten by the town postmaster, for whom my grandmother was the postal clerk in a two-person post office), to when my grandmother died in 1996 and the joint tenancy reverted to single tenancy to my grandfather, to his death in 2011 when he willed it to my mother (who didn't really want it), to her re-conveying the title to me in 2018 so that I can sell it to a willing buyer. Here's hoping the title company will be satisfied by this chain of documents and agree to issue title insurance.

I'm amused that one of the documents in that chain was recorded in 1962 in the Yuba County Recorder's office "at the request of Mary Reynolds," who was my grandfather's brother's wife. Aunt Mary was not at all coincidentally deputy county clerk of Yuba County.
Tags: challenge, family, house

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