Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Spot the Bunny

The rabbits around here are chowing down on the many, many weeds that grow around our house.

Go Bunny Go

This is from a few days ago looking out the back gate. But this morning, while going out the back gate, I startled either this rabbit or one of its relatives out from under Lisa's van.

Spot the Bunny

It ran from the shade of the Big Orange Van to the shade of the utility trailer. The operative word being "shade." Last night it hardly cooled down at all by midnight, although it wasn't too bad around dawn. By 9 AM, it was already pretty hot, especially in the sun. There is just barely visible a rabbit in this photo.

There is lots of food for rabbits here. They barely make a dent in all of these weeds. While the ground-hugging growth does keep the dust down a bit, it also produces likes of vicious caltrop-shaped seeds that make it a hazard to walk around here.
Tags: house, rabbits, wildlife

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