Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Pile Grows

We don't have the minivan back yet. We've been spending this weekend packing.

The Growing Worldcon Pile

Here's the current state of the Worldcon Pile o' Stuff. We prefer to try and get stuff to fit into Banker's Boxes when possible, because they stack so easily. Not everything fits, though. The small Banner of WSFS is in a poster tube (I mailed it back home from Finland; it took a month to get here.). The paper cutter (needed for Site Selection) doesn't fit into anything we have. We'll manage somehow.

Lisa has the big camera, the small camera, and tripods for both, along we assorted connectors and accessories for same.

I really hope the shop has the Astro ready by mid-day tomorrow so we can go get it at lunchtime. We're doing laundry today and tonight, and will do our final clothes packing tomorrow. Because we're driving (and not carrying Match Game SF), we have room to carry extra stuff, but that of course means that stuff expands to fill available space.

We'd better find time to wear all of the costumes we're bringing! I'm planning on wearing my WSFS captain's uniform for Opening Ceremonies and the Retro-Hugo night festivities, for example.
The current plan gets us in to San Jose on Tuesday afternoon. If we can time it right, we'll avoid the worst of the traffic, save possible in Reno.
Tags: astro, minivan, worldcon

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