Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Worldcon 76 Day 2: After the Meeting

After the Business Meeting on Friday, we got everything packed up and an old friend of mine appeared.

Kevin Standlee and Rick Hallock

The guy on the right here is my old friend Rick Hallock. We've been friends since college, where Rich produced and I directed two amateur Doctor Who movies. He was with me running the MythAdventures Fan Club, and he went with me to the 1989 Worldcon in Boston (which was the first of my string of continuous attendance that goes through this year. Rich was best man at my an Lisa's wedding, and I stood with him as he married his current wife, Elizabeth. (Rich's first wife, my good friend Erlinda, died a few years ago.)

Rick and Elizabeth were able to come down from Placerville to attend Worldcon for a few days. Lisa and I joined them and we had lunch. It was good to get together again.

After lunch, I had to do some more work supporting the WSFS division, helping Site Selection and getting some other things done. But then I was sort of on my own, which is good, because I had some books to sell on behalf of Wizard's Tower Press. I spent a chunk of the afternoon distributing copies of The Green Man's Heir from WTP to various booksellers around the Dealer's Room.

Lisa and I tried to go out to dinner with Scott Sanford, but the first few restaurants we tried were backed up solidly, so we went back to the convention and Callahan's Place and ate snack bar food, but that was really not so bad, as we ended up with a number of friends joining us, and I think it was for the best.

After dinner, we tried to hit the social events in the Fairmont, but most of them were so crowded we couldn't get in to them, and besides I had video work to do trying to convert the video Lisa shot to higher-quality files. The lower-quality "proxy" files that Scott got off the camera are online already, but the camera's native format requires a bunch of work in Adobe Premiere to turn into nicer-qualify files. So we headed back early, after picking up a few groceries from Safeway.

Alas, it has been a while since used Premiere, and it's taken me a couple of hours to get to the point where I could set the computer to grinding out the higher-quality files. I'll know in the morning whether my settings are correct. The goal is to get the higher-quality files uploaded tomorrow as well, thanks to the Wicked Fast Internet access in the convention center (that's the actual name of their network). So tonight I will get much less sleep than last night.
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